February 15, 2012


Rising and humble musician Lance Smith tells INSPIRER.nu all about Pandit and his recent album release, “Eternity Spin”.

Referencing my dictionary, Pandit means
“a man in India esteemed for his wisdom or learning: often used as a title of respect.” A glorious name for the music you’re contributing. Why “Pandit”?

LS- "Pandit" was the name of my great grandfather who originally originated from India in the early 1900's. Aside from the the dictionary reference, he was also a close friend of Gandhi and a prince/spokesman for his village. He gave up his fortune and rights of royalty so he could marry my great grandmother and start a new life in America. His legacy is quite remarkable and impressive. I found no better name to represent my work than his own. My mother has this book about my family history and it tells all about him and his life. I really wish someone would write an entire book about him and have it published. I honestly believe it would inspire and motivate others like it did for me.

The name also refers to someone who is skilled in various things, including music. My great grandfather was a musician so I tend to like to think that that's where I got it from. -click here to read article!

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